Best practises when hiring a business cleaning service.


Hey, I just wanted to share some tips with you guys and girls about hiring cleaning companies whether it be office cleaning, commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, healthcare cleaning or education cleaning.

Your business cleaning provider should have a minimum of £5,000,000 Public & Employers liability insurance!

When hiring a new cleaning company you need to make sure that you, your clients, patients, customers, visitors ect… are protected on your premises whilst cleaning is being completed. It is best practise to review insurance documents when you hire a new cleaning company. Many cleaning companies will take out £1,000,000 or £2,000,000 insurance policies however this just does not cut the mustard! Make sure your business cleaners have a minimum of £5,000,000. Touch wood it never occurs on your premises but if there is ever an accident the legal bills and compensation can in extreme life changing circumstances add up into the millions. Make sure you are properly protected!

Your business cleaning provider should provide a time sheet or better yet time tracking!

If you take anything away from this check your time sheets! Business cleaning has very tight profit margins, how do companies leverage time to increase their net profit? Cutting corners is no excuse and neither is robbing your clients! Check your contract it probably states how many hours cleaning will be completed either per day, week or month. Cleaning companies will often get you paying for a set amount of hours, for this example say 2 hours per night… Many companies will advise your on site cleaner that they will pay them for 1.5 hours work but still end up charging for 2 hours. Take a look to see what time your cleaner is booking in and out and see if it matches. Betting it doesn’t!

How do you get around this? The businesses leading from the front are now offering time tracking. An employee will book on & off on their mobile phone which is also linked to a GPS tracking facility, this is the ultimate in transparency you can see exactly who has been on your premises, what time they arrived and what time they left!

Business cleaning – Colour Coding

It is the industry standard now that you do not use the same cleaning equipment & supplies are not used in both the kitchen and toilet areas. BIG NO NO! Make sure that your cleaners are using Red cloths / wipes / mops / buckets for the toilets and Blue cloths / wipes / mops in your kitchen area, ow… and as long as neither of them colours are being used in your general areas you are safe! Stop cross contamination.


More useful business, office, commercial, industrial cleaning tips coming soon! Like, Share & investigate!

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